Biztracker Infinity
Point of Sale Software

Biztracker Infinity is our powerful Microsoft SQL based Point of Sale Software scalable from one terminal in one store to thousands of terminals in multiple stores across the world. The secret to Biztracker Infinity success is our blend of power and simplicity. Click Here for more info on our Flagship Point of Sale software.

Biztracker Retailer
Point of Sale Software

Biztracker Retailer POS is our Legacy software that has been available since 1997. Check out the new features built into Biztracker Retailer version 10.0 and upgrade now. Click Here to see more info on Biztracker Retailer and what’s new in version 10.0. This is the perfect software for the small retailer that wants easy to use, easy to install, full featured Point of Sale Software.

POS By Industry

Check out some of the Industries that use Biztracker Infinity Point of Sale. Click here to see how Biztracker Infinity Retail Management Software gives you more Return on Your Investment in your Retail segment.