Biztracker Infinity
Point of Sale Software

Biztracker Infinity is our powerful Microsoft SQL based Point of Sale Software scalable from one terminal in one store to thousands of terminals in multiple stores across the world. The secret to Biztracker Infinity success is our blend of power and simplicity. Click Here for more info on our Flagship Point of Sale software.


Biztracker Retailer G2
Point of Sale Software

Our new Point of Sale software is designed to replace our Legacy Retailer Software. The New Biztracker Retailer G2 was developed using Microsoft powerful SQL Database engine but at a new lower price than before.



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Biztracker Retailer
Point of Sale Software

Important Information For Biztracker Retailer Software POS Users

Biztracker Retailer POS is our Legacy software that has been available since 1997. Biztracker Retailer POS was written using Microsoft Visual FoxPro as its Database which has now become
a discontinued product
, and Microsoft will no longer support it. As a result your POS software could stop working completely or it could become unstable and only parts of it will work.

In addition, another upcoming issue is the rollout of “Chip Cards” or “EMV” Credit Cards coming on October 15, 2015. You will need to upgrade your software to Biztracker Infinity POS software and add additional hardware to read these new type cards, prior to the October date.

Upgrading to our Biztracker Infinity POS software will solve both of these issues. We are offering special prices on software upgrades and on compatible hardware now. Call now to get started on these important issues before time runs out!

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